YVR International Arrivals

  • Vancouver Location
  • Pre-Engineered Project Type
  • VRCA Gold Award of Excellence Project Award
  • 25,000 ft² Project Size
  • Ledcor Special Projects General Contractor
  • April 2009 Completion Date

Project Summary

The new International Arrivals Hall was born of the need to provide a visually welcoming space with 24 hour passenger assistance.

Features of the project include a “Log Jam” lighting arrangement as you exit the customs hall. In front of the rock wall feature, you will see canoes travelling down a river made of LED lighting and drywall bulkheads.

Preplanning was key in organizing this multi-phase project to work around the nearly 12 million YVR International Arrival passengers who would walk through this space during construction.

A work platform and hoarding was constructed in such a way as to allow passengers to move through the space with little or no disruption. This allowed Bridge Electric to relocate services and rough-in lighting while the passengers traveled beneath the space.