John M S Lecky UBC Boathouse

  • Richmond Location
  • Pre-Engineered Project Type
  • VRCA Silver Award of Excellence Project Award
  • 16,000 ft² Project Size
  • Kindred Construction General Contractor
  • March 2007 Completion Date

Project Summary

The John M.S. Lecky Boathouse is a combination rowing and training facility and events hall. The facility was constructed from two floating buildings on two levels. The structure was fabricated as a floating building in Delta, BC and then towed to Richmond via tug boats. Flexible power connections were installed to each of the two buildings from a main electrical room on shore. The building incorporates dual technology occupancy sensors for lighting controls and the wiring in the main hall was recessed into the tongue and groove wood ceiling.

From the beginning, Bridge Electric placed a high degree of emphasis on pre-planning to streamline the entire construction process. Through numerous meetings with suppliers and other trades, careful review of shop drawings and optimizing the sequence of work, Bridge Electric was able to maintain the schedule and keep pace with the flow of work.

Another aspect of Bridge Electric’s success on this project was material handling and site organization. By providing the proper tools for the job, locating materials on pallets or mobile lock-ups on castors, preparing clear and concise instructions to all workers, and emphasizing quality work, the completed project was a success for the Customer and for Bridge Electric.