Brentwood Early Works

  • Burnaby Location
  • Pre-Engineered Project Type
  • 120,000 ft² Project Size
  • EllisDon Corp. General Contractor
  • August 2015 Completion Date

Project Summary

This critical pre-construction phase to the Brentwood Mall redevelopment involved demolition of some of the existing mall structure with new infrastructure being put in place for future mall tenants.  Work was often completed during night shifts to accommodate a zero interruptions to mall operation mandate.  This often required extensive preplanning and coordination with EllisDon and mall operations while at the same time being prepared for multiple outcomes once the work started.  The effort paid off with the project completing with no interruptions to mall operations.

The scope of work included new distribution equipment, rerouting and relocation of all electrical and voice-data-security systems through structure to be demolished, and reconfiguration of the fire alarm system.

The stage is set for the next phase of construction.