BC Cancer Research Centre

  • Vancouver Location
  • Pre-Engineered Project Type
  • VRCA Gold Award of Excellence Project Award
  • 230,000 ft² Project Size
  • Ledcor Construction Ltd. General Contractor
  • December 2004 Completion Date

Project Summary

The new BC Cancer Research Centre is a 15 storey building with distinctive architectural features including a 15 foot diameter petri-dish windows, coloured bar code style exterior panels which replicate the sequencing of human DNA, and a glass enclosed spiral staircase which symbolizes the DNA double helix. Designed by Henriquez Partners/IBI Group in a joint venture, with the electrical design by RADA Group, this new state of the art facility will be headquarters for up to 600 researchers.

The building consists of 65% lab space and 35% office space. An interstitial space between each of the lab floors provides space for all electrical and mechanical systems. By routing electrical services in the interstitial spaces, labs can be modified and renovated in the future with minimal disruption to adjacent spaces.

The vivarium on floor B4 house up to 50,000 laboratory mice in a specially controlled and secure environment. There are also two government certified level 3 containment laboratories.

The BC Cancer Research Centre has been submitted for silver certification under the LEED (Leadership Energy & Environmental Design) program. When certified, this facility will be one of the first buildings of its type in North America to receive this designation.